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SMART castors

SMART castorTechnical information

  • Housing and wheel centre glass fibre reinforced polyamide
  • Wheel tread polyurethane 80 Shore A
  • Supply options:
    • Swivel only castor
    • Swivel + Total-Lock Brake
    • Swivel + Directional Lock
  • Wheel diameter 125 mm
  • Load capacity 150 kg
  • Height 168 mm
  • Offset 42 mm
  • Fitting: requires 24mm dia locating hole
  • Option: conductive

Instructive and easy to use pedals

Red and green colours and clear markings advise the user what to do. Both locking cap and lock release pedal are always in view and in reach (do not swivel with the wheel).When using Manner SMART a light touch is all that is needed.

Different fitting solution

The fitting solution of Manner SMART castors is different to the traditional one. This offers new possibilities to design the equipment.

Easy / light operation and maintenance-free

Manner SMART’s reliable locking mechanism, special ball bearing and precise engineering ensure comfortable and maintenance-free and therefore economical use.

Value-added design and customization

Thanks to intelligent designing Manner SMART is a castor solution with many additional features which benefit the user and the equipment.