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The SMART range

SMART and e-SMART castorsNew total lock castor: easy to reach castor lock for mobile equipment

Manner has developed a new medical and rehabilitation equipment castor – Manner® e-SMART (pat.pend.) – with a unique locking system.

Reliable and safe to use

The structure of Manner SMART’s locking mechanism makes it reliable to use. No wearing lock components and no need to adjust. Neither wearing nor dirt on the wheel tread affects the locking capabilities. Encased and stable structure of the castor body protects the mechanism. Special ball bearings ensure reliable and easy rolling and turning of the castor. Safety requirements are guaranteed, since the engagement of the locking system is easy and assured.

SMART Series – foot activated locking system

The Manner SMART’s locking systems is designed to be easy to adapt and to
use. All this makes the engagement of the lock easy, light and quick.

e-SMART Series – motorised locking system

The locking and unlocking of Manner e-SMART castors are operated by an instructive remote control unit. Just one finger touch is needed.